It exists. If ever
it existed.
If the four of us spent a summer
sleeping on the floor, sleeping

on a futon mattress,
if the four of us decided to drive
to the mountains, to the lake
on top of the mountains,

four of us in bathing suits,
brightly colored bathing suits
and light bursting off the water,
light bouncing up off the water

to bake our soft brown skin,
straps holding up our suits,
our soft brown skin suits,
thin layers of material

arms breaking the water, heads
following our hands into the water,
our laughter splashing off the water
as light splashing our brown skin.

It exists. if ever
it existed.
the moment I tucked
under the water’s skin

let out a small bubble
and the bubble of my body
let out, neither dull nor light,
arms outstretched, stretching

out for an instant, hung
in eternity.
It exists. if ever
it existed.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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