Sin of Reception, #35

Low to the ground and late
in the day, long reasons
for laying low, sweet sad
stories turned legend, turned
lore. None of that matters
now, because you did show.
And while, at many points
in this fiery tale,
that is not worth a bit,
here, it is worth plenty.
So sit, and you listen
to this tale I have
to tell about a boy
lost in the woods, left there
but loving parents who
truly believed it for
the better. There were wars
and famine back at home,
little to eat and little not
much to share.
So they packed
him up and left him ‘neath
a tree, sure the squirrels
and the Gods would huddle
over him, and he would be
safe, secure. And he was.
Big and strong the boy grew,
fiercest among creatures,
keenest amongst his kin,
friend to the tiniest
and ally to the beasts.
I tell you this to make
you look out your window,
past gadgets and gizmos.
Don’t trash another day.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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