The Sin of the Hiccup, #53

Did you notice? Sitting out
on your veranda sipping
daiquiris and lamenting
the strengthening of the yen
against other currency.
Do people own verandas
these days? Did you see Gatsby
left out on Long Island, bowled
over by the steam rolling
out from the city, those farms
and beachfronts richly sauteed
with thick accents, deep music
pumped through 7-Elevens.

The first thing done once the rich
got eaten, their fine parties
sent up, up and away, high
into the white powdered lights
of the smog of the city
was to look down and chastise
the future Democracies.
Did you notice? Did you see?
The crown of the king coked up,
left, like a conch on the bench
of the new bosses. We can’t
be surprised when hicks rise
up, claim God’s province. Look up.

It’s evolution, did you
notice? The jellyfish still
rambling about the good
old days, back when glassy skin
was all one needed, back when
no one cared about the ground.
Why when I was your age, fish
were kings, not meat. Now you eat
royalty at your parties.
How the mighty… some day soon
the worms will rise up. Look up,
can you see it now? Asexed
dirt eating, Divine, Queen/Kings.

It’s sundown now, dusk, look up
from your underground platter,
the place-setting for pine box,
cutlery for royalty.
Did you notice how quickly
the day tripped by, how rapid
the clock clicks. You are oil
already, and new Sultans
are being born. Did you see
the powerless find you, jump
on your back, claim Divine
purpose? They’ll rein forever.
No, we know, have seen tyrants
and Democrats. Life’s hiccups.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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