Virtues of Beasts, #66

Indulgence, great lion,
roll over me, tell me
never in history
has one man been so put
upon, had teeth so sunk
into flesh, nor has flesh
been so captive, confined,
detainee to delight,
savior to addiction.
Make me remarkable.
Lion, give me pause.

Alligator, green eyed,
scaly legged and staring,
let me hoist upon you,
wrestle down your long spine,
wrap mythic muscled arms
around, grapple with you,
hope beyond hope, thats lungs
give out before my breath
chokes as I try breathing
frog like under water.
Me, fighting, what a crock.

Panda, can I love you,
watch you chew your long thin
sticks, sense you pat my back
while you sit, knock me down
the embankment into
your bundles of bamboo,
be your slave, be your bitch,
bring you back stalks and stalks
fetched from down in the pit?
Is this the life I live?
Panda, I can’t bear it.

Three toed sloth, apathy,
I taunt you, you taunt me.
The branches are calling,
branches and couch cushions.
Me lying on my back
in the jungle, you up
in the trees. Have you thunk
what gifts you offer one
who’s longing for scratching,
for this mutual need?
Sloth, sans will to fight me.

Giraffe, get me breakfast,
get me some thing to eat,
delectable leaf, frond
from some unreachable
tree, an appetizer,
the main course, and of course,
dessert, delectable,
naughty, and much too sweet.
Get on, why do you wait,
linger in low branches?
I certainly can’t reach.

Tiger, quick like hoping,
rise up and pummel me,
put me out of my dank
misery. I, who love,
who can’t keep up, who’d just
as well bargain as sleep.
The jungle won’t be mine
tonight, nor any night,
that is a hunter’s pride.
I haven’t the gumption,
the chops, nor the teeth.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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