You (and any writer friends you have) are cordially invited to

Convergence 2006
A Weekend for Writers
to be held Friday,
April 28 – Sunday April 30
at the Quality Inn
in Halfway, Maryland

RSVP to by April 7th.

We look forward to seeing you there (and please forward along this invitation).

with Peace and Love
thom, Kris & Julie
Founders of Convergence

What is this: In 2000, three friends decided life intruded on writing too much and they would take a weekend and converge on the cheapest hotel central to them and write write write. This year will be the 7th year of this Convergence.

How much does it cost: The price of the weekend includes transportation, 1/4 of a cheap hotel room for two nights and contribution to the “running to the supermarket” fund. Usually about $50 a person by the end of the weekend.

How did you determine location and time: Past participants and friends were polled to come up with the weekend. Location is central to participants. This year there will be groups of people coming from around Charlotte, NC, Rochester, NY, Albany, NY and Vermont, and Baltimore, MD (and wherever you are). Guess what place was Halfway between all those. HALFWAY, MARYLAND.

Are you all insane: Yes. Clearly. All writers of any style or genre are welcome to this space.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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