Simple Declarative. #160

No one lives
here anymore.
A greater voice
always beckons.

The confusion here
has just begun.
Some nights
you can’t leave behind.

My love for you
may very well be blind.
Memory is not
alone in the brain.

My hand is sitting
on the button.
Sadness builds up
in fat cells.

Death to those
who break the chain.
The crowd needs
a reason to cheer.

I don’t know
how to speak clearly.
Words are metaphors
and cliches.

The cold people
are growing colder.
It’s not my nature
to commit.

Beneath our love
is a deep connection.
A silent man
still coughs.

The line from here
to there is crimped.
By the bedside rests
an empty cup.

I must admit,
I miss you dearly.
It was their politics
we decried.

We’re nothing
if not dedicated.
Language that rises
is overly dense.

Something different
has got to be done.
All the news
is gloom and doom.

Yoga can’t
save us, everyone.
The body
stores everything.

One more time,
with feeling.
It’s no good,
you’re fired.

Love has been replaced
by flowers.
One, two,
three and to the four.

I know how hard
it is to keep going.
I’m too fat
for my own good.

What is not dead
is still growing.
It all stems
from my own hatred.

I am not the only one
talking here.
It’s a long drive
to get back home.

I used to be able
to go for hours.
The whole body
feels hunger.

Come, love
me instead.
What is said,
need not be implied.

What is never spoke,
never improves.
Take a second
to think about it.

What you gave me,
I’m keeping.
Seeing is not as good
as knowing.

We are just shapes
and lines.
The leaves
are fat and limp.

There’s something
in the way she moves.
The clock turns
faster at night.

Yes, that line
is ripped off.
I am not leaving you
behind, okay.

In your presence,
I am older.
I can’t get the voice
in my head out.

My fingers have minds
of their own.
The sun is up,
but I won’t go outside.

The souls of my feet
are peeling.
Poet said never
say moon in a poem.

This is the life
I must pursue.
Yellow is a band
of reflection.

Nothing jerks tears
like a rerun.
The wanderer
is destined to roam.

There is only one person
in this room.
This many moments
make up a second.

Yes, this is cryptic,
in a coded sense.
Please stay
out of sight.

The moon and the sun
share the sky.
By now, I should
be sleeping.

In your hands,
I feel small.
The sights, the sounds
and the smells.

There is a man
where I once stood.
It’s late, and I can
tell you, I’m tired.

Don’t look down,
there’s nothing there.
Follow me along
this thin thread.

Now, we can
both be understood.
Work is the only reason
I wake up.

Life is best lived
on the upswing.
In this condition,
you are no use.

Here, demons
ply their wares.
When I stretch
my body whines.

Clearly, she
still loves you.
I loved you more
when I was younger.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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