Young Elias, #218

When he was young,
a youthful man,
young Elias

man of the hour,
would sit his younger,
flirting to all men,
sister in his lap. Elias

into his manly ears,
she would whisper, young,
younger than you man,
though I might be, Elias

even you are a man to me,
unknowing and young,
to a man,
I know you Elias

first man in my life,
and know, as your younger,
not a man,
sister that you, Elias

were once young
and unmanly like me,
and you Elias

man you are becoming,
will never be young
and unmanly
again. Elias

man of the house,
are you a jealous one, young
man who wants to be a boy,
and longing, Elias

like a dying man
to hold on, young,
yet a man,
and unwilling Elias

like any man
to die young,
like any man,
hoping too Elias

to be a better man,
that the young
manless, baldness
will wear off? Elias

young man to me,
when you were young
and not a man,
did you, Elias

a man in your head,
shun being young,
and not a man,
run Elias

towards your manhood,
down hills of young
well manicured
grass and roll, Elias

with your manicured hands,
into the young
frigid mandible
of the creek. Elias

man of the house,
to be your younger
and less manly
sibling means Elias

when you are a man,
I will always be young
and unmanly
to our parents. Elias

father’s best man,
I will always be the young
and unmanly
baby. Elias

was the first,
the man to carry the name,
blessed young
man of the future.
First walked, Elias

baby and a man,
first talked. Young
like a man
and beautiful, Elias

not a man
first young
and soon to be a man,
offspring to sing, Elias.

Listen, man,
being your younger
and unmanly
sister, Elias

man of the moment,
means being young,
less than a man
and stupid. Elias

your manliness
means me being young
and unmanly
and worthless. But, Elias

man of my living,
I love being your younger
and unmanly
sister. Big Brother Elias

man in my eyes,
though still young,
still not a man,
my brother Elias

first man in my life,
you are a great brother. Younger,
manly or unmanly
siblings would be lucky, Elias

to have such a man,
to be younger
and unmanly
siblings to, Elias.

When you are a man,
when I grow old and young,
not yet manly
grandkids named Elias

the men at least,
sit in my lap. When young
and unmanly
chidlren ask why Elias

such an odd name for a man,
is their name. I’ll tell them, young
and unmanly,
children, my brother, Elias

who was a great man,
whom I loved when I was young,
when he was not yet a man,
their great Uncle Elias

man in my living,
when we two were young,
and I was unmanly,
me and Elias

woman and man,
spent our young,
manly summer
days, me looking up to Elias

as a man,
as younger sibling,
as not yet a woman,
and Elias

man of the house,
looking out for me as younger
and unmanly
sister. Elias

little man,
my young
and soon-to-be man,
your name, Elias

man of the moment,
comes from young,
younger, manly
and happy days. Elias

man in my eyes,
my grandson, young
man, wonderful,
beautiful Elias

you are already a man,
lovely and young,
yet, of course, manly
and full of faith. Elias

my good man,
pass down your young
and manly
name. Tell them, Elias

when you are a man
what good young,
not yet manly
folk can do. Elias

man of my life,
in my youth,
my unmanly youth
I met a boy. Elias

this man,
he was beautiful, young
and manly
and suave. Not named Elias

not that man,
but young
and manly
and suave. Let me tell you Elias

about that man,
that young
and beautiful man
who grew, Elias

into a great man,
from a boy, who was young
before he was a man or
was your grandad. And Elias

if you see a shot of the man,
you in your young
and not yet manly
face, Elias

your dark eyes and manly chin,
look just like your young,
not-yet manly,
grandad. Elias

that man,
one day when you are not young,
those men,
like your great Uncle Elias

and the man of your grandad,
who was no longer young,
you, man,
like your grandad, Elias

will be a man,
no longer young,
but a man,
one day Elias

some not yet manly
child, some young
wanting to be a man one,
will sit on your lap, and Elias

that body, that boy,
that soon to be man,
when that young child,
looks up to you, as a man

You will know love, Elias
and as a man
you will again be young.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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