Anatomy of a Date, #235

First, I will fumble
with the right words
and fret over the movie
and the restaurant
and whether flowers
at first is sweet
or pushing it.

Pass the cilantro
and the rice
the ketchup
to put on my fries

let the avocado
sit uneaten
on the edge
of my plate

while I watch
you order
the pad thai,
lips like thick noodles

I would have preferred
a nice basil sauce
or a light cream
on the side

Any kind of pasta,
however, will do,
be it Italian
or asian

But the baguettes
will never
be eaten
from my plate

Nor the brie
as it passes by
leaving behind
a rare scent

The fresh corn
will turn on a spit
while butter melts
below it

Ripe tomatoes
burbling in a pot
hoping soon
to be eaten

The olive oil
coating the pan
like a light
sun screen

The char mark
across the beef
remind me
of my mom’s flank steak

How she cut
the Schwartz’s
smoked meat sandwich’s
in my lunch

The fresh shucked mussels
tugged from the bay
at their ripe prime
and flash boiled

Wild rice
serving as a bed
for any to sleep in,
whorish side dish

A lime squozen
over the lip
of the fluting glass
up and outward

Thick flour tortillas
patted between
my hands
and sniffed

The manchego
cut into thin strands
and splashed over
the top

Shavings of carrots
mixed with pineapple
and left overnight
to marinate

French toast
served in the morning
wet with buttter
but not too eggy

Artichokes, served
fresh and tender.
Getting down
to the heart of it.

Red licorice
meant to bring back
the fun of youth
and the sillyness

Blueberry-apple crisp
to prove
what a great
homemaker one makes

Peach pie
as in competition
of who can make
the crust flaky

Dutch apple pie
hot like a great hug
and filled with
fresh fruit

Wild berry yogurt
sitting untouched
in the fridge
for being healthy

Hot & sour soup
spooned up
by moving the trowel
away from the body

Granola kept
in a plastic bag
and brought along
as an emergency

Olives with acid tongues
meant to keep the pizza
from getting too sassy
too quickly

Cornichons split
down the middle
and left uneaten
off the side

quickly eaten
before the appetizer
fills you up

in a light sauce
but overcooked
and none too fresh

Scallops perhaps
a day beyond
their best
possible date

The risotto
was taken
from the stove
too soon

One shouldn’t buy
sushi from anyone
but the best
Japanese chef

flavored over
until the taste
is all gone

Naan flat
like the land
we grew up
farming on

Yellow curry
instead of cilantro
means the rice
will be dirty

to hold this
all together,
fall apart

like a promise
we made
but cannot keep

Starbucks’s maple-
walnut scones
which Englishmen
snarl at

Garlic to keep
the vampires
and everyone
else away

Mixed greens
served as a meal
instead of
the side dish

Almonds that
will always make me
think of the eyes
of the one I love

Blackberry jam
in clear glass jars
kept in the basement
all winter

half eaten
in the fridge door
for years

Rice milk
to quench
a thirst
I do not have

meant as love
every Sunday
at sunrise

Grilled salmon
to show off
how much
one person can love

Spinach stuck
like a curse
in between
your teeth

Tandoori chicken
sprouting with
all the possibilities
of joy

Green beans
snapped in half
and dropping
in a pan

Tender broccoli
cooked just right
to snap back
against gums

Rumaki remains
all I can offer
you tonight,
from this place

Veggie burritos
to entice
the hippy
in all of us

Fish tacos
like two pair
who work oddly
well together

Let’s not even get
started talking about
the good-bye
at the end of the night,
whether you liked me
and I you, and how
to end, handshake,
hug, kiss, run.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

2 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Date, #235

  1. BTW, it was funny the way it dawned on me…. The flank steak was like, “Hey, he loves his mom’s flank steak, just like I love mine’s! Whoa!” Then the Schwartz’s in the next stanza and I thought, Hey, wait a minute….” lol. Lots of fun!

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