Of Diligence and Decay

The scabs of former leaves,
former skins of the trees
that eighth grade biology
tells us are the ways

the plant breaths,
lies on the ground now
becoming short and old
on the damp earth,
parchment etched with shrunk cells
that used to work.

The squirrels flip the lost scrolls
over in their paws
looking for fallen acorns, nuts
to carry them through winter.

Only the most diligent
will horde enough
to make it through,
to see the new buds
and the new fruits
that with the coming spring
will come unsprung.

*A quatrain and a seven line stanza, interesting and driven by content (aka, not intentional). The main focus was where the good end words were, based either on rhyme, slant rhyme or simple tastiness, (aka, the break between line four and five to breathe).



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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