Episode 8c: Thunder and the Green Leaf

Undone by the rumblings
in the distance. Unimpressed
by countless raindrops pelting,
felled from the sky like bullets,
bombs from airplanes over Nam
in videos from before
childhood, whole forests
set ablaze by politics
and logger’s trucks. Someone said
the Amazon were the lungs
of the world. Somebody said
the shrinking forests had more
to do with global warming
than those noxious emissions.
But out on this lifeless branch,
this one leaf, grown green despite
its apparent loneliness

and locale, when the rains come,
hung in peace, giving, easy
to bend, allows the ammo
to fall near unimpeded
to the ground and perks back up
for another round. It’s how,
in practice and in theory,
the sapling grew big, bending
and yielding, how the oak
grew tall, and how, when this branch
jutted out where no others
cared to go, it was allowed
to grow. Always singular,
reaching towards the sun, palms up
and warmed, catching what water
and what wavelengths most passed on.
Loved, though seemingly alone.

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phone: 70 425 Poems

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