Episode 9c: By This Age

If one believes pentagon
copies: birth certificate,
early enlistment request,
divorce proceedings, letter
of reprimand, court filings,
an honorable discharge,
you lived multiple lifetimes
of agony, of heartbreak.

What have I done, but love one
woman, wake to countless, still,
childless mornings, slept late
on weekends wasting away,
staring out windows under
endless, concussive free skies.

For all the pentagon knows
I was born to you, enrolled,
as ordered for selective
service, each year paid taxes
and wait now for my social
security, for a note
which will list the location,
but no cause for which I died.

email: p3podcast@mac.com
phone: 70 425 Poems

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A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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