A New Podcast

On May 6th, PoetGuru Podcasts launched a new community based project called Unopened Letters at http://unopenedletters.wordpress.com.

The podcast is a departure for thom ingram, as it is letter writing based, rather than poetry based. The podcast, inspired by Post Secret.blogspot.com and a short lived project from 2000-2001 called Open Letters.net, seeks to have people send in letters that will be cast in both text and audio.

“This is another art form that we are losing, that I would like to give some breath to. Also, sending and getting a letter is so wonderfully personal”

The description on the webpage states, “It’s a near lost high language wrote into well crafted sentences, poured over for hours by both writer and reader.”

All are welcome to participate as writers, audience and voice over artists. Please contact thom ingram at MyUnopenedLetter@gmail.com or 206.888.6946 to participate.

Audio of the First Letter



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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