The Best Advice I Ever Received

If advice was given I didn't listen. Although Mr. T once said, on the set of Johnny Carson, that he never found a hero worthy of his adoration and so set out to be his own hero. A sage observation. Though not one worth my attention. 

My father was a stubborn pig head who let the world wiz by while he rode the right shoulder, stuck in some time when the delineation between sexes and races and paisans was clear as a block or concrete sidewalk. What once appeared to be the crazy left passed him in a blur to become the mainstream. He never once checked to see where the dwindling path he was on would lead. At his funeral the minister handed out verses and mine stated "be sure in yourself and uncompromising." Pith. Pablum. None of it worth listening to. 

If I every actually needed advice I would find someone worthy of my attention, someone faster or smarter or who had something I wanted. No. Advice, as I have both heard and repeated, is like a colon, everyone has them and they are all full of shit. So this is what I can tell you: "Listen to no one, absorb nothing. The world around you is noise. Those you look up to are not worthy of your ears. They will only tear you down. Make it up for yourself. Find your own path. Heck, don't even listen to me."

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A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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