The World Would Be a Better Place If…

I’m coming off a good day. A day where everything I did and saw made the world seem more than great, seem almost perfect. And so, the concept of making the world a better place seems somehow distant and foreign, which for an idealist who has railed against self interest, ownership, privacy, separateness, individuality, petty entertainment, consumption and complacency says something.

What I know about yesterday, a good day, is that it did not happen in a vacuum. It did not come about merely as a day unto itself, but was built up over time, after a series of investments, in this house, in this love and this lover, in this body. In one day they all paid dividends.

And so, the best thing I can suggest, to make the world a better places is that we all do a little more investing, and choose wisely. Find the people we believe in, the causes we know need championing, the debit today that will vest a bit on some unknown future day. Let’s find that and tithe a bit of ourselves to it.

The great love, the great run, the loving moment, they don’t rise up in randomness to land arbitrarily. It is not a freakish rain. They land where we have done the hard work of heating the soil, boiling the lake, gathering ourselves into such raucous collections that the clouds can no longer hold us.

It’s a sweet rain, one that makes the deserts grow and cools the face. One, right now, we could all use. But to have it we must give, must invest, must contribute.

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A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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