April 5


think back to love, to first love, to that very first pouring over you like a waterfall
battering against the rocks of you, slowly tearing them away on its way down
to the deep calming pond of her eyes, which hold you, eyes, flowing
like the trickle of a stream, eyes, drawn out of vibrant waters
feeding every moss and vine, the only eyes you swear
you will ever choose to pour affection into, winding
across the rock flat desktops of a classroom
where the teacher was just spouting
something irrelevant until it
somehow enticed her
to turn her head
for just a brief
second, causing
her to adjust her hair
and tie it back behind
her all too perfect ears
it’s still here
that all too                                  to
perfect love, though I’ve learned
channel it
into a faucet that you with just your pursed lips can easily twist
it still pours out everyday in its metered beats and a forever
flow, if you ever wonder, if you must know, its all for you.
.                                                                                                      look up
.                                                                                                      it’s right
.                                                                                                      there, all my
.                                                                                                      love for you



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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