April 10

    Colony Collapse

Gone all beauty
all babies and all births
and therefore all birthdays
all gone

Gone all blueberries
and all beaches
all For Betters
leaving only For Worse


Gone all butter
and all batter
all bunts
and all bundtcakes


Then gone
All base-on-balls
all beer and all bags
all boundaries all baseball


all bands and all banjos
all benevolence
and all Beatles


Still sex but gone
all bodies all blowjobs
all butts and all breasts
all breathing and basking

All gone

Gone the birds and the books
all butterflies and all boys,
leaving only men
and cocoons and worms


Gone all bitches
and all bosses,
leaving only colleagues
and complainers

and friends
(nothing will ever get done)


Gone all beauty and all
bacteria all
bitterness and all


All beef and all behavior all
Bibles and all bipeds all
bandwidth and all the bits
and all the bards


Gone all the buts
and all the beings
all the best that
we’ve got

All bigness
all brightness
all belief leaving
to or not



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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