April 22

We exist as a class of letters
weak little R’s and frail X’s
quick to shatter at our twig-arms.

U’s that hold crooked the roses
offered to us in vases by V.
to stand for L. meant Love.

But when we letters come together,
as in a riddle or a rumble, we become
harder, show the potential of Unity.

Soft, yes and pliable, but resilient
and Massively Underestimated.
We’ve become words then, thoughts

impulses channeled through wires,
signals passed through a conduit speaking
syllables starting with L. meant Love.

We begin to be Sentences, Paragraphs
Outlines, Essays, Pronouncements
Pleas, Treaties, Treatises, Apologies

Realizations, Promises, Proclamations
made under moonlight. We share Vows
Laws, Ordinances, Towns and Streets.

Manifestos, Dialogues, Communities
Constitutions, Declarations, Nations
States of Being, Governments, Statutes.

Power, Revolutions, Reconciliation, Truth
Telling, Science, World, Creator, Story,
History, Myth, Rhetoric and Yes! Poetry.

We little letters, breaking to pieces
until we stand together for L. At last
locked in. Inseparable Core. Meant Love.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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