April 29

They’ve painted the Louvre a light colored grey
taken the contrast from another keen place
replaced all the over saturation with soot
and sold it to you at a premium.

How, asks the boardman, can we give them
less, make more with our resources, more
for our profits, can we make it smaller and call
it improvement, must we, must we invest?

They’ve shrunk the Statute to minimize
Liberty, constructed it strictly ‘cause freedom
is messy, better for you to succumb
to monotony. Build it, buy it, break it, please.

How, asks the pollster, can we get them
to vote her in though she rejects your beliefs,
calls you all snobby or stupid or sinful,
and it must be done quick on the cheap.

They’ve pined for the days when you were grey
instead of these glasses you’ve stained,
it never was simple, nor ever be simple
but artistic, diseased and scattered, untidy.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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