May 11

The Protons go to the polls less frequently,
content, holding things together at home.

Whereas, the Electrons, being excited and interested
with the state of the State, stop by freely, unhindered

by the mass and gravity of life, uncertain in their location
or speed, surrounding the whole thing in a cloud of negativity.

“Give us credit”, say those Electrons, for taking risks
for creating the conditions where we all glow bright.

And yet, the Protons are positive nothing would exist
were it not for their ethics, their steadfastness.

And both imagine a better world without the other.
If only we weren’t held back by our opposite.

The Protons giving it matter, the Electrons making it go.
Intractable in their rancor, inseparable in their show.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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