May 22

On this eve of summer, I’ve reared
a rare idea, veered from the path
of math and science to think freer.

Over an embankment and under
the eave of a cliff I’ve eaten
madness, some bad berries

and broke a fever, all to discover
what someone dumber long
since knew. The afore mentioned

life here, I, the berries, the cliff,
none of it lasts longer than a season,
nothing stays fare forever. And yet

we exist. I’ve come to turn forever
on its head, to welcome, fleece
and cheat death. My fear is gone

as is my favor. One temporary fawn
comes down to eat. Still the mountain
and still the berries and still

the sun moving. Though
I roam, farer and farer, tasting
none of it, I long for forever.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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