May 27

The todo list for today reads:

Pull down a cloud and pat it to your face.
Grow a flower that matches the sky.
Tie a mountain to your back and pull.
Imbibe the meat of a mythical beast.
Sit calmly in sleep mode to make life
last longer, oil, lube, gas, washers.
Lean on another. Stop by a store
run by the same person for forty years.
Graffiti a wall. Earnest was here.
Crack the blinds, the code, your skull.
List to the left, right, left.
Leave the pilot light on in the volcano.
At this time we have moved onto others.
Smother the sun with a blanket.
Roll your rock and spear windmills.
Something will change. Keep changing.
Keep coming until you get there.
Keep up appearances, guises.
She’s lovely. He’s powerful.
Check off understanding.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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