June 5

“A Twist of Teacher”

I’ve come to change the world. A verse
unearned. Sit first, in this desk, in a chair
uncomfortable. Let me chart your course
to success, that rare earth metal traced
back to Greece. I will teach. You will hate
me, or follow with all your heart this path,
blindly react. Create. Arch your eyebrows
in disgust. But reach up and tear down
a book from a shelf, or a leaf, or a fraction
of geometry. Then I’ll ratchet up the heat.
You’ll request my care and tact, or retreat,
until it all feels like a race, like a wraith
etched into your skin. What’s trochaic?
How long a hectare? Identify this tree.
Me? I come to change the world, to burn.
To lay down fuel for a verse unearned.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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