August 23

An Exercise

You have nothing. Start here.
Your love in the other room

was never there. The pup
in the corner is also new.

You didn’t paint these walls,
nor chip the doorframe, nor put

any of these objects here.
You never worked food service.

Therefore, you never bawled
the night your true love left.

You didn’t carve this scar
in choices. You were born here.

Your father was never distant,
indeed, he was never born.

You were not born. Your first
kiss was not on prom night.

You have never been kissed.
The one you wish had noticed

too never existed. The moment
you bluntly spoke some raw truth.

In your head. A lie. A myth. This
is the first moment. Start here.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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