Witch Doctor

With all this babble
you think I’d be able
to uncover a spell
to whisper how well
I have been moved
by the thought of you.

And yet these words
come out absurd
when I try to define
this sense of mine
that delves below
the highs and lows

of your flesh.
I am awash
in metaphors
synonyms, anaphora,
insufficient tools
to identify the pure,

righteous, divine,
holy, humble, sublime
sense of you. Namaste
is the closest to say,
that the oneness in me
can almost see

through our lies
and our lives
to the deal
we struck to feel
separate, to fool
ourselves into dual

bodies. We play
along this way,
hide and seek,
but I long to speak
in one voice, finally,
with the truth beneath.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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