Video Killed The Radio Star

The final verdict handed down in court today,
said death must be administered swift, without delay.
“But he’s so old,” his lawyers begged for some mercy,
called his client fat and weak and unsexy.

With all the bandwidth suckled up by video,
the TV sets don’t even play the songs no more.
And radio’s just morphed into this other thing,
living happily in a box beside the video games.

And so the judge decided something so severe,
the court reporter screamed at what she heard.
He said, “Kill them both, and kill the MP3.
Music wasn’t meant to play inside a screen.”

So now we have to wait until the festival,
to watch our favorite acts put earwigs in our skulls.
And in the meantime, we have met our spouse today,
and all our children just went back outside to play.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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