Urge v. Will

When I see someone doing something cool or amazing or difficult I have an urge to try that. The urge rises up inside me. I’m inspired. But soon enough that urge fades away. Sometimes I have the urge to go hang-gliding, or to swim/bike/run an Ironman, or to find a racetrack and drive a NASCAR. We all have urges. They are born in the gut and in the bowels and can be quelled, held back, or ignored in a matter oF minutes. The word, urge, is the sound that the stomach and intestines make as they are digesting our food. Listen. Put your head on someone’s belly. Urge. Uuuurrrrrggggeeeee.

Will, however, has two meanings. One is “I intend to do this in the future tense,” as in, “I will call you.” The other, and the one I would suggest you mean whenever you use the word is, “The sustained power of intention over the inertia of present truth.” As in, “She succeeded by sheer force of will.” I suggest you use the second as your meaning whenever you use the word. Go back to that phone call. When you merely intend to do something in the future tense it does not make into reality. When you use the force of your being to overcome inertia, you pull the future toward you and shape it.

The other thing about will, besides its misplaced double meanings, is that we write it wrong. Those of us using Germanic/Romantic languages write our words from left to right. So “will” looks like just another word. But will is actually a hieroglyph, a pictograph, a word made up of pictures, and it is most appropriately written top to bottom, like this:


At the top of will is the crown. W. A crown is placed on top of the head of a king or queen, a person anointed by God to lead. In order to properly use your will you must understand that your voice, your power, your action is about letting the creative/destructive (constructive), power of nature flow through you. To enjoin your will you must crown yourself with that great big W.

And you must place that crown on top of your head. The crown Chakra is your connection to the divine, to all living things. The head Chakra is your connection to the reason and logic and how you conceptualize and shape the world around you. Having the will to do something, without knowing what that thing is leaves you running around screaming at the top of your lungs. And while, a five year old is full of energy and fun to watch, their will spewing out all over the place, until they have a head on their shoulders, i, they are not going to save the world.

So now you have your crown and have placed it firmly on your intention, idea, ideation. Now you need action. Thankfully, you have evolved to have two strong legs, meeting the ground at two strong feet.


The trees do not have these. All there great ideas can do is sprout leaves, which last a season and fall to earth simply to tell of what they have seen. But you can carry your ideas to fruition, to action. You have the will to shape your dreams, hands to mold them, arms to protect them, legs and feel to make them move, a mind to mold and shape and reshape them, the crown to anoint them into reality. The will, the


to turn an improbable and unborn future into a very present tangible reality. You will.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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