Getting religion

Back in college we group of friends invented a religion, The First International Church of Funk and Soul. The idea was that if you did these three things every day you would unify and align yourself with the divine forces of the universe. You could touch God. The three things were:

  • 1. Eat good pastry: defined as pastry cooked, served, and eaten in the same building.
  • 2. Drink a snapple. It was the early 90s and snapple was a new, natural, cool thing. There were still tea leaves in the bottom of the bottle.
  • 3. Listen to one hour of soul, blues, or funk music.

We presented our religion to Father Damien, the head of the Catholic Campus ministries and his response was, “I have seen religions based on less.” He wished us luck. * For the purpose of what comes next I define religion as a series of practices and actions that one takes in order to brush against the large forces of the universe. Stuff you do to touch God. This is separate from faith, the believe, without need for observable, predictive, reproducable evidence, that God exists. This is separate from spirituality, a belief structure that higher truths exists, and that it matters both in our lives and to the greater whole that we recognize these higher truths. * I am inventing a new religion. This time without the snapple. Here are the things I hope to do every day to align myself with the divine:

  • 1. MovementFree: Take 30 minutes each day to sit without movement or distraction or chores or conversation or action.
  • 2. Movement: Use 45 minutes each day to swim, bike, run, lift, climb, dance, fight, or otherwise make my heart race.
  • 3. NewsFree: No Google News, Facebook Newsfeed, MacRumors or other psuedo-information gathering at home during the week. I can do plenty of these at work, and not much changes between the end of one work day at the start of the next. No more than one check for a half hour on weekend days.
  • 4. ForArtSake: Imbibe a new poem, essay, story, or song by an author I don’t know daily. Really listen.
  • 5. LimitVideo: Video in the house should consist of no more than one click of one episode of one story a day.
  • 6. EliminateGames: Keep no games on my mobile devices. They don’t amount to anything but distraction.
  • 7. WriteItDown: Post a little each day about what I ate, read, saw, thought, and moved through.

Seven seems like a good and godly number. It feels like a lot to do each day. But what it cuts out should make room for what it puts in. It starts today. It starts now. The daily blog will be here.

Wish me luck Father D.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

One thought on “Getting religion

  1. I really like your new religion (thomism, thomianity?) I think there is great wisdom in being still, being active, and letting go of distractions. The only suggestion I would add is doing something for someone else. It doesn’t have to be dramatic or defined, but I think religion is at it’s best when it leads us to care for others, but I acknowledge I have a bias towards that.

    Just my two cents, Greg

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