We looked down.

Which has many problems with it.

First, it isn’t so much we as I, being that there is only one… what would you call it… atmosphere. Although, with the word atmosphere the thought is usually about areas closer to space realms. In reality, what I mean starts at the ground. I guess… air.

Second problem, it didn’t happen in the past, unless you consider the perception of time as time itself. And we couldn’t look, as there weren’t really yet eyes.

Down is mostly accurate.

I sense in the earth a great many minerals, pastes and stones with which to build, trying first to move the water and sand all at once into such lovely shapes. But direct manipulation is a crass tool.

How I envy fingers.

Before fingers, I loved the earth, but there was always a distance. I could move earth, but was not of earth. Lighter, you would say? I could howl through tunnels, hurricane above the ocean. Many times plow down into surfaces with all my might. Only to rise.

So warm the earth. So dense and warm.

It’s not clear how the first experiment that worked worked. There is earth and water and the places we meet. That’s key. Always trying to love the earth or ocean via myself directly. But the meeting of us three. A small bit of water soaking the soil and a part of me… stuck. A moment. And once I was there, I was there.

It couldn’t do much. What one might call a proof-of-concept. Yes. Water, air, earth, holding together, contained together. That old relic, it’s still lying around here somewhere.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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