So Simple It Moves

Recall the clouds when you were six
How quickly they would twirl and mix
Painting in their whites and grays
Setting your imagination ablaze

A sea horse kissing a wispy hand
A whale on a trophy stand
A mother’s arms spreading wide
Your old dog Scotty on a water slide

You know looking back that this was dumb
But look up again to where you’re from
What’s naive and slow and now brings rain
Can move and paint your world again.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

One thought on “So Simple It Moves

  1. Hi Thom

    That was lovely!

    The world teaches us to grow up and leave our childhood behind, not knowing we also leave a lot more in the past, never to connect with it again, much to our detriment. Out of imagination are born the best ideas ever.

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