The headline reads, “Steph Curry Redefining Greatness in the Post-Michael Jordan Era”
which I complain to my boss would be like A-Rod defining home runs in the post Babe Ruth era
or Jágr in the post Gretzky era, Obama in the post-Lincoln era. Humans: post dinosaurs.

All that’s left in the house I grew up in are scratches on walls, meaningless to anyone
who was not there to see them made, paint chipping away while the story
of how we chose the color and the hijinks of hanging it, the brush strokes long gone.

All life exists in the post-microbial, single-celled, post-bacterial era. All cities exist
in the post fertile crescent, post Egyptian era. All superheroes in the post Phantom,
post Superman era. All love in the post-first-love era. All kisses post first kiss.



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

One thought on “Era

  1. This is very thought provoking. We truly romanticize the past at the negation of the present. We idealize Bird and Johnson, but no player of that era can compare to the athleticism of Lebron. We have turned the flawed Lincoln in to statue when the reality of Obama is much greater. We want to take our country back when we are a wealthier, more peaceful, inclusive place than we have ever been.


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