An Experiment

For a day, or an hour, or the length of a meditation or thought experiment, eliminate the use and concept of I.

I, as in, the inclusive actor in the story. i, as in, the little naked monkey with a disconnected head. And I, the formally dressed; top hat and heels.

Think, instead, of the constituent parts as individual actors, as yourself as a play, an entire production.


My body is hungry. My emotions are reacting, exuding anger. My brain can’t focus. My awareness is all over the place. My imagination is drawing up scenarios where all the food in the world is gone. My co-workers are worried. My vibes are standoffish. My reputation is shot.

What does it do for control? For responsibility? For management? For direction, if I am an entire cast and crew? What is that which is permanent? Central? At the core? Is this a comedy or tragedy? Or just an improv?



A day is not done, until it's filled with words.

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